Can you fall in everlasting love with everlasting dried flowers?

The soul is everlasting and its learning experience is lifetime after lifetime  
— Shirley MacLaine

There is nothing more romantic than the vintage hues of English seasonal flowers. But we want our romance to last, right? And we want it all year round? Of course!

So why not embrace the once again en vogue style of dried and everlasting flowers.

Forget dated, dusty, orange hued, 1970 inspired flowers – as seen in books found in charity shops across the country. Instead think boho, subtle hues that reflect the faded beauty of summer. Pinks of larkspur, blues of delphiniums and the mauves of lavender (Oh the scent!) These and hundreds more varities can all be used to create bouquets, hairpieces, buttonholes, pomanders, centrepieces and more to really introduce the look into your unique wedding.

And of course the most obvious advantage to using these everlasting beauties is just that – everlasting. Your bridal flowers are your to keep for evermore. A perpetual reminder of the romance of your big day, a keepsake for future generaqtions or a gift fo an absent loved one.

In a world that is trying to create a less disposable culture then these faded beauties really hit the mark


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Dried wedding flower bouquet


Posted on April 19, 2019 .