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Weeding, Watering and Worrying - the www in!

So this is the key sowing and growing season for my annual flowers crop. The greenhouse has been chock a block with trays and trays of seeds all waiting their time for germination. It's not a place for the impatient because whilst some little babies seem to pop up over night (corn cockle) others can take up to 100 days (lace flower) before they show any sign of life. So you sow the seeds, keep them moist then make sure they don't get too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry and then keep peering at the blank compost willing for some signs of life! Eureka moments always seem to happen when you turn you back for a couple of days so I've decided most of them are just shy!

Before long the seedlings get their 'true leaves' and it time for them to leave the greenhouse kindergarten and settle into their cutting beds in the polytunnel. (Frost still a risk to use the outside beds yet) so more 'www' takes place but now there are different perils lurking. Blinking* rabbits got in a couple of nights ago and munched their way through my crop of antirrhinum and China Aster - heartbroken. Not to mention a particular 2year old munchkin who was 'helping' and managed to rake straight through the direct sown cornflowers and nigella. Only time will tell if they survived that little game!

Space is already tight in the polytunnel and the outside beds look a little on the small side with all the trays still full in the greenhouse and a plant sale to attend this weekend! Methinks a smile at Mr E for more cutting beds may be in order..... 

Posted on May 18, 2015 .