Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.
— Gloria Steinem

January. Wet, cold, wet, dark, wet ....... have I mentioned wet? We have had so much rain here in North Devon that my fields almost represent flooded Paddy fields normally found in monsoon regions. Whilst the rest of the country was posting pretty snow scenes and glittering frosty images on Instagram, I was wading around in mud trying to prevent my workshop from getting washed out.

Solution: retire to the sofa, light the fire and commence the annual act of planning. For me planning is a great excuse to buy new stationery. I’m not saying I’m a stationery addict but...  I have my lovely Moleskine diary for the year. (Different colour to last years) A project notebook: A5, plastic backed with divider pages and ruled lines. This is my main notebook for the year. Each sub section is for planting, workshops, weddings, events etc. But come May it will be scribbles on random pages. I also have a A5 graph paper jotter for planning cutting lists and buying quantities, a reusable wipe page notebook for rough drawings and a to do list pad to write my endless lists on. So, add in a few post it note pads, a folder for wedding enquiry forms and a couple of random other notepads and scraps of paper and I can give Ryman’s a run for their money. Oh and am I the only one that prefers to write in pencil rather than pen? The propelling type with a rubber on?.


But I love the look and vibe of new notebooks and jotters. It’s the clean slate, the start of something new, dreams, aspirations and the promise that this year I will be organised and productive. 

All wedding and event bookings are written in the diary. Quotes and contacts cross referenced. Seed and plant lists drawn up. Key planting dates noted. Receipts filed and the to do list can begin


But essential admin aside there is also a chance for the fun side. The creative thinking. The Inspiration for the year ahead. Whether it’s ordering new varieties of seeds and trying something new in the garden or looking for new wedding trends, January is a great time to get excited about the year ahead. I’ve yet to really hit the seed catalogues for this year. I need to get on with it and source my favourite blooms and try something different, but watch this space for more on that. What I have been doing is the style inspiration, new looks, new colours, new themes. I don’t need to tell you that the best place to lose yourself in for a couple of hours is Pinterest but sometimes this ideas stalwart can be a little unachievable, a little too perfect and photo shoot based (read my previous thoughts on Pinterest here) but there are plenty of other places to delve into. Instagram is another great online visual mood board. Search the hashtags #rusticweddings #natural weddings or whatever it is you are looking for and you’ll find a whole mass of images and people to become your new best friends. One of my favourites is the French florist Avril May. Based in Bordeaux she creates a stunning mix of rustic and boho but edgy bouquets, arrangements and accessories. The variety of foliage’s and flowers and berries she uses is truely stunning. And being that I am going to be out in Bordeaux later this year she is definitely on my must visit list. (Note to self: brush up on French). 

I also always look outside the flower world. Floral trends and styles and weddings are just as likely to be influenced by fashion, interiors, celebs. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job of being the florist for Megan Marckle and Prince Harry’s wedding in May (I’m running a flower crown workshop for a hen weekend that day) but you can guarantee with the beautiful mix of cultures and backgrounds of this most lust aftered couple, their wedding will be truly unique and influence weddings to come throughout this year and the next. Albeit it probably on a smaller budget. I predict a bouquet of peonies - you heard it here first!

Interior wise last year was all about copper, flamingos and jungle prints! And again I’ve seen all these making their appearance in wedding designs. This year, according to Ideal Homes, it will be brass, velvet, bold colours like indigo, texture and 70s glam that will dominate our homes. I’m already a fan of velvet ribbons, they add a real deluxe feel to a wedding bouquet. Violets and indigos will be a new one for me (back to the seed catalogues) but I’ve always included texture within my style. From lambs ear leaves to ornamental grasses and berries it’s great to mix and match. So when my style setting brides-to-be get in touch I’ll be one step ahead of the game. 

But for now I’ll keep drinking the tea/baileys/ovaltine (delete depending on time of day) and writing in my pristine notebooks in my bestest handwriting, feeling smug and organised before reality kicks in and I’ll be back to scribbles on back of envelopes and mud unde the fingernails.  

Oh and guess what?  As I wrote this blog this weekend the frost paid a visit and I got my pretty frosty social media image after all!

Frosted flower.JPG
Posted on March 9, 2018 .